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Description:   LSACreator is a simple but powerful tool that helps creating translation of already compiled application using satellite assemblies. LSACreator is not require program source code to create translation that could be added to your software. Satellite assembly contains resources specific to a given language. It contains only resources, not source code. When application starts satellite assembly is loaded depending on UI culture, when it is not found, neutral application resources are set. LSACreator helps to create such assemblies in easy way.

Top features:
- Simple adding new language to application
- Easy to use, translation can be done by any user
- New language version almost does not require changes in source code
- Fast and more accurate translating application, as all content is in one place
- Uses satellite DLLs and creates resources in choosen language
- Requires installed only .Net 4.0
- Comprehensive settings allow you to decide how to merge projects
- Simple form of project helps a team work with revision control systems
- Project can be import/export XML

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